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Executive Management

BEH Communications is led by an experienced management executive that has over 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications and related industries. This executive believes in working closely with all customers to insure they are provided with the highest quality service possible at a competitive price. Background information on the company’s executive follows:

Shane Baggs (President/GM)

Local Business Man

A native of Cedar City, Utah, began his Tele-Communications career in 1983 working with E.A. Schenck Construction building cable television systems. In 1985 Shane joined Tele-Communications, Inc., “TCI” the largest multiple system operator in the U.S. at the time, where he served in all aspects of the cable operation. Shane transferred to Price, Utah in 1990 to serve as Technical Operations Manager for TCI where he had management responsibility for over 20,300 subscribers in 41 systems throughout Rural Utah and Northern Arizona.

In 1998 Peak Cablevision acquired the TCI systems in Rural Utah and Northern Arizona along with Halcyon Communications who owned certain systems in Utah and Nevada bring the total subscriber base to over 24,000 across 47 seperate cable systems. Shane was named General Manager for Peak Cablevision where he had management responsibility for the entire Utah, Nevada and Arizona region including, but not limited to, preparing and managing operating and capital budgets, franchise acquisition and renewal efforts, ensure system profitability, overseeing Engineering and Technical operations to insure smooth operations of the cable systems, etc.

In November of 1999 Peak Cablevision entered into a management agreement with TCI whereas Peak would manage certain cable systems in Utah totaling over 6,000 subscribers bringing Shane’s management responsibilities to 30,000 subscribers and over 50 employees.

In May 2002, Precis Communications acquired the Peak Cablevision systems in Utah, Arizona and Nevada where Shane served as Director of Operations.

In April 2006 Shane’s management responsibilities expanded under a management agreement between Precis Communications and Rapid Management Group to include an additional 10,000 subscribers in systems located throughtout the States of California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington and Oregon extending Shane’s management responsibility to cover over 50 cable systems with three satellite offices spanning across seven states the "Rapid Management Group Western Region". Under this management group Shane Served as Western Region General Manager. As part of the Management Team at Rapid Shane was involved in the Deployment of Highspeed Wireless Internet Services throughout the Western Region as part of a larger Wireless Deployment across the United States VIA Rapid's Eastern, Centeral, East Texas and West Texas Regions.

In Feburary 2009 Shane founded BEH Communications for the purpose of providing advanced telecommunications services in the South Eastern Utah Area, to include the deployement of Highspeed Wireless Internet Services. BEH stands for Shane's Three wonderful children; Brad, Emily and Haley.

Some of Shane’s most significant carrier achievements include building a 1.3 million dollar Satellite Uplink Facility in Murray, Utah for the purpose of delivering the Salt Lake City Broadcast stations to Rural cable television Companies throughout Southern Utah, Eastern Nevada and Southern Idaho. Successful deployment of Broadband Internet services to multiple markets in Utah, Nevada, California and Washington using both wired and wireless technology, converting a 110 mile analog point-to-point microwave link to a 45 Meg digital link, built an 84 mile fiber backbone connecting twelve Rural Communities collapsing six separate cable systems into one giant network, and developed a successful in-house Comercial Television Ad Sales Operation for the purpose of cross-channel advertising.

In addition, Shane has served on the following:

The Board of Directors at Auto West Inc
Southeastern Utah Region Employer Council
Utah Cable Television Association, Served as Board Chairman during 2002, 2003 & 2007
Carbon County Chamber of Commerce Exitive Board of Directors, served as Chamber President during 2005
Southeastern Utah Mirco-Enterprise/Business growth Revolving Loan Fund Administrative Board